Natural sponges are wonderfully soft and absorb water, while giving water out again on a slight squeeze. The fibrous nature of the sponge is very similar to silk. Unlike a synthetic bath sponge, which has a structure of closed bubbles, the natural sponge consists of a system of channels. This means that each pore of the sponge is connected to the next pore. In this way, the sponge is able to clean itself by flushing dirt out of all its pores at once. Therefore, the use of a natural sponge is hygienic and it is also recommended for allergic and sensitive skin. A silk sponge has particularly fine pores and silky structure, so it is suitable for cleaning both body and facial skin as well as washing the body of babies.

Rinse the sponge with clean hand-warm water after use and hang to dry. The sponge should not be put in boiling water as it is 100% natural material. If the sponge has become very dirty for some reason, it can be washed in a washing bag in a washing machine using a wool program. Washing powder must not be added.

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