Silicone sheet, work surface and your hands must be clean and dry. If the first few times it seems that the sheet is very tacky and sticks to itself, then do not despair – already after a couple of uses and washes, it is very easy to use.

Please remember the following:

Do not use in the oven at temperatures higher than 220°C.
Do not use with sharp objects and cutting tools.
Do not use on a grill.

When used in the oven for the first few times, do not fold the silicone sheet tightly together and do not continue to cover the entire surface of the baking tray – at first the silicone sheets are very tacky and can stick to each other very strongly. It is better to fold a silicone sheet into a pocket or cover two sheets over each other when you have already used them separately in the oven a few times and they are used to heat.

Let the silicone sheet cool down when you take it from the oven before you start taking it out of a baking tin or from a baking tray for washing.

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