Liina Savolainen

Cherry Stone Neck Thermal Pillow Sarapiku
I have used this product as a wrist rest pad when working with a laptop and I am really satisfied – if earlier my wrists hurt by the end of the working day, then now there is no such feeling. At first, I was afraid that the pillow might be coarse when using it all the day, but it is not … my hands feel rather comfortable and warm. I would definitely like to try the product as a neck pillow – this is what it is actually intended for.


Deodorant Cream Go Fresh
This deodorant is the first deodorant with pure ingredients that actually works! I have never felt any unpleasant odour on my body or clothes. The product surprised me because I had earlier tried different natural deodorants, which did not work that well. I will definitely continue to use it and will recommend it to others as well! 

Solid Shampoo For All Hair Types With Orange And Ylang Ylang
It is really a good solid shampoo! It leaves hair soft and very clean! It has a pleasantly delicate scent and contains clean ingredients, which is important for me. When using a Three Hills Soap solid shampoo, I have to wash my hair only once a week! I used to have to wash my hair every second day because my hair got greasy faster. 

Abeego Beeswax Food Wrap
I have been using the beeswax food wrap in the kitchen already for a couple of years now and I am very satisfied! It is extremely convenient to use and easy to maintain! Abeego beeswax food wraps are of high quality and they last longer than stated. 

Anni Kivimägi

Loofah washing-up pad
It is an excellent replacement for a regular dishwashing sponge. I use it every day and it is still effective even after having used and washed it hundreds of times. I wash the sponge either in the washing machine together with the clothes or in the dishwasher. It loses its original fluffiness over time but not its reliability.

Tree Hills Soap solid shampoo
A very nice shampoo with natural ingredients. It produces abundant foam, wears little, does not leave hair greasy or stay in the hair like most solid soap-based shampoos. Moreover, after using a solid shampoo, I have to wash my hair much more rarely!

Tree Hills Soap solid conditioner
The best conditioner ever! My super long hair is soft after washing, it is easy to run a comb through it, and my hair smells well. 

Safix soap rest
It keeps solid soaps from becoming liquid. I store my solid shampoo and conditioner on this soap dish as well as a hand washing soap.

Bamboo baby’s feeding spoon
It is my finger-fed baby’s favourite spoon. It fits exactly in the mouth and it is good to grasp the handle with a small hand.

Toilet brush
It is many times better than a plastic brush! It stays much cleaner when used and, therefore, lasts longer. In my opinion, it makes the toilet bowl cleaner than a regular brush.

Agreena 3-1 reusable baking paper
It is easy to wash and use. In my opinion, it sticks easily to a surface and this is super good. It sticks nicely to any baking tin and, therefore, makes it much easier to pour, for example, batter in the tin (ordinary baking paper always moves inside the tin). Moreover, in my experience, there is no food that has been stuck on it yet!

Hille Allmäe

Three Hills Soap has the best solid shampoo I’ve ever used. After washing, the hair is soft and has a pleasant citrus scent. The smell of soap is also not as intense as other similar products I’ve tried. The product is especially nice because if I previously had to use conditioner after hair washing, then not anymore. This solid shampoo does not make the hair towy and after washing, the hair is well combed and soft even without the use of a conditioner. The bonus is that it lasts a long time.

Kaie Siniallik
Ministry of the Environment

We are very pleased with the rCUP coffee cups and their design right from the beginning. Coffee cups will be given to all employees of the ministry for their birthdays and they are fully in line with our demands that promote recycling.

Kärt-Britt Kokk

Loofah sponges have been my kitchen favourites for many years, as ordinary sponges wear out quickly, start stinking, and I used to replace them a couple of times a month, throwing the old ones away. I have long been looking for some alternatives that would last longer and be more environmentally friendly. We used our first loofah sponge for over a year – since it is so airy, it dries quickly and does not start stinking.
For scrubbing, coconut kitchen sponge is perfect. That’s rough enough to for example, scrape off the burnt-on porridge from the bottom of the pot, or to wash pots and pans that have been staying for longer. However, it is not as rough as metal “sponges” that can scratch something.
For me, these products are indispensable for hand washing the dishes and it is good to know that I will do good for nature using them.

Ulla Simone Möldre

Qwetch insulated bottle
Very good bottle! Super leakproof and keeps warm/cold for a long time. My previous insulated bottle was not so safe … 😀

Dental washing tablets
I will never replace them with regular toothpaste! Teeth are very clean after use, there is no excessive smell of fresh, less smeary, takes less space in your carry bag, can be shared between family members, when away from home. Favourite!

Anti-dandruff shampoo with rosehip and cedarwood 

Favourite! For years, I’ve been struggling with itchy scalp and loose bits of skin on the scalp. I switched to using natural shampoo. I started with Urtekram. None of the products helped. The scalp was still reddening and itching, and more and more loose bits of skin were separated. Then I switched to pharmacy because I thought it was still some kind of skin disease. The products of some companies helped a little, but not enough. When solid shampoos came into the product range of Elamise Kergus, I thought I’d give them a try. I ordered the Three Hills Soap with rosehip and cedarwood and… Unbelievable! I found a solution! After so long and trying out different natural or pharmacy products. In addition, it keeps the hair clean longer. It does not dry the hair and does not make them shabby like another company’s solid shampoo. Superb product! 🙂

Deodorant cream Go Fresh
I started experimenting with natural deodorants before using the deodorant cream. A friend of mine recommended a hibiscus deodorant cream that had helped her get rid of the unpleasant odour of sweat and reduce perspiration. I tried it too, but this deodorant made my sweat smell worse and did not reduce sweating. Then I started using Urtekram. The situation was better but nothing special. But the deodorant cream! Another saviour 🙂 The skin breathes, but it is protected from unpleasant odours and the fresh scent will send you all day long! And there is no itching after shaving. An indispensable everyday companion! Favourite! 🙂