For Ukrainians, the world has changed beyond recognition. Normal life no longer exists and people have to deal with survival.
Each and every one of us can find ways to help according to our means – by donating money, volunteering or donating goods.

Elamise Kergus would like to support Ukrainians in need with the products we have in our range and which Ukraine has nominated in the appeal (detergents, soap, toothpaste, toothbrushes, feminine hygiene products).

A charity product is a product you can buy as humanitarian aid for people in Ukraine.

At the end of each working week, we make a summary of the donated charity products and deliver them to NGOs operating in Estonia, who will take the products directly to the people in need in Ukraine.

See an overview of donations already made here.

Thank you for thinking of those in need and having a place for charity in your heart!
Monika, Founder of Elamise Kergus

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