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Agreena 3in1 silicone sheets are the only sheets you need for preserving and baking! You no longer need cling film, tin foil or baking paper.

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Lisa soovinimekirja

Product Description


Agreena silicone sheets are made of 100% high-quality platinum silicone, which is safe in contact with food (the product exceeds the requirements set by the FDA, the American Food and Drug Administration). Agreena reusable baking paper is truly innovative and the only product of its kind on the market that preserves, covers and bakes. You can wash your Agreena silicone sheets by hand or in a dishwasher and they will last for years!

It is very easy to use Agreena.

For preserving – helps keep food fresh longer!

Pack in sandwiches, food leftovers from cooking or dinner leftovers. Agreena silicone sheets are very thin and self-sticking but unlike cling film, there is no trouble with Agreena. Cover all the bowls you want and conveniently wrap odd-shaped food products. You will save space in the refrigerator and see what you are preserving.

For coating – creates an airtight seal on all bowls!

Cover bowls and you can see how Agreena creates an airtight and leakproof seal. It is a stretchy but strong material that is able to make all containers leak-proof like a vacuum. No liquid just drips out of a cup, bowl or glass!

For baking – you no longer need any sheets of baking paper!

Use Agreena instead of baking paper and tin foil on any baking tray or tin. Suitable for both salty dishes and sweet bakers’ confections. Agreena is made of 100% pure platinum silicone, completely safe in contact with food and does not give it any smell or taste. An ideal baking mat that is thin and easy to handle – equally easy to put in a baking tin and on a baking tray. Cover a baking tin with it if food needs cooking under a cover. Fold Agreena into a pocket where to cook meat or fish. Or roll a dough directly on the silicone sheet to the right size before placing it on the baking tray.

But there are other reasons why you are definitely going to love Agreena:

  • Keeps food fresh longer than when preserved uncovered.
  • Suitable for use with all foodstuffs (including raw meat and fish).
  • It takes up less space in your drawers – no need for different rolls and boxes any more.
  • You can use it again and again for many years.
  • Can be used at temperatures from -40°C to +220°C.
  • You can cut it according to the size of your baking trays and tins.
  • Does not contain chemical compounds (BPA, phthalates, lead, mercury, etc) harmful to health.
  • It is recyclable at the end of its life.

100% platinum silicone

Agreena products are made in accordance with ethical and sustainable production practices – the rights of employees and a safe working environment are guaranteed, packaging and natural paints from recycled materials are used in the production process, the amount of waste generated is kept to a minimum and contributions to CO2 emission programmes are made.

Made in China.

Silicone sheet, work surface and your hands must be clean and dry. If the first few times it seems that the sheet is very tacky and sticks to itself, then do not despair – already after a couple of uses and washes, it is very easy to use.

Please remember the following:

Do not use in the oven at temperatures higher than 220°C.
Do not use with sharp objects and cutting tools.
Do not use on a grill.

When used in the oven for the first few times, do not fold the silicone sheet tightly together and do not continue to cover the entire surface of the baking tray – at first the silicone sheets are very tacky and can stick to each other very strongly. It is better to fold a silicone sheet into a pocket or cover two sheets over each other when you have already used them separately in the oven a few times and they are used to heat.

Let the silicone sheet cool down when you take it from the oven before you start taking it out of a baking tin or from a baking tray for washing.


Wash with hot water and dishwashing detergent and rinse thoroughly. It can also be washed in a dishwasher. Washing helps prevent the accumulation of fats on the surface of the silicone sheet, and so it keeps its tackiness.


Agreena fits your lifestyle and you will find a suitable way to store the sheets:

Put the sheets in a drawer on a separate tray or in a basket after use.
Stick the sheets back on the tray which they were stuck to when purchased.
Stick the sheets to a kitchen cabinet, edge of a shelf or to some other place convenient for you to re-use them comfortably soon.

Packed in a recyclable cardboard box. Inside the box each sheet is on a separate recyclable packaging tray.

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