Bambaw bamboo cotton buds 400 pcs


Bamboo cotton buds are packed in a recycled cardboard box and these are fully compostable.

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Lisa soovinimekirja
Lisa soovinimekirja

Product Description

Bamboo and organic cotton buds are completely natural and compostable. An eco-friendly and plastic-free alternative to ordinary cotton buds.

Cotton buds are a daily product in case of which people do not often think about the environmental impact when using them. However, when throwing the cotton buds away, they often end up in oceans and seawater where they pose a threat to marine animals, fish and birds who confuse them with food. Cotton buds are in the eighth position in the ranking of garbage found on beaches.

Bamboo cotton buds are a good replacement for ordinary plastic cotton buds, since bamboo is a very sustainable plant, and bamboo cotton buds are also sturdier than paper cotton buds. Paper cotton buds get wet and bend easily, but there are no problems like that with bamboo.

400 pieces

bamboo and organic cotton

Made in China.

Cardboard box

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