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Did you know that plastic straws are the plastic products with the shortest lifespan? Read our blog on how to give up plastic straws!

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Lisa soovinimekirja
Lisa soovinimekirja
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Product Description

Bambaw’s small cleaning brush is made from a stainless-steel wire and cotton bristles. Thus, it is completely recyclable, and the cotton is even compostable. 

The stem is made of 304 stainless steel and the bristles are compostable. 

The bristles are made from high-density cotton. This allows it to absorb and soak vinegar, soap or even tarnish much better than nylon bristles. 

It is ideal for all straws and openings of 8 to 10mm. The small cleaning brush is useful for a variety of cleaning tasks, especially when you need to reach any difficult spots like kettle spouts, thermomixer, small pipes, coffee grinders, and all other narrow items.

length 20 cm, diameter 0,6 cm

stainless steel, cotton

Made in China.

Length 20cm, diameter 6mm.

stainless steel and cotton bristles

Made in China.


Hand wash only.

Sold package-free.

Sold package free.

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