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Most dental flosses are made of nylon and packed in plastic packaging. Due to its small size and light weight, dental floss is one type of small trash that often ends up in nature.

Alternatives to plastic dental floss include silk dental floss or industrially compostable bioplastics dental floss, which is also suitable for vegans.

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Lisa soovinimekirja
Lisa soovinimekirja
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Bambaw vegan dental floss is an excellent replacement for wide-range nylon dental floss. It is made of cornstarch bioplastics (PLA), which is industrially compostable and is not a burden on the environment.

As appropriate to a truly eco-friendly dental floss, is in a metal dispenser with a screw cap, which can later be refilled with a new coil. The metal dispenser is lightweight, comfortable to carry around and it does not break.

Cornstarch-based dental floss is as strong as nylon dental floss but it is made of a renewable resource and it is compostable in an industrial composting plant after use. Throw the floss into a bio-waste container after use.

The package includes a 50-meter coil of peppermint flavoured dental floss and a metal dispenser. One coil is enough for about 200 flosses. Later you can buy refills for the metal dispenser.

50 m dental floss in a metal container.

Corn-based bioplastic (PLA), candelilla wax, mint flavouring

Made in China.

This dental floss is industrially compostable – throw it in a bio-waste container.

When you run out, you can buy a refill.

Cardboard box

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