Bonobo sage face tonic / Rejuvenates & invigorates


Use the face tonic in the morning and evening. It refreshes your face skin in the morning, before applying a cream, and cleanses it gently of the the daily dirt in the evening.

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Lisa soovinimekirja
Lisa soovinimekirja
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Face tonic made of spring water and hand-picked plants.

Rejuvenates & invigorates

Sage face tonic is especially useful for oily face skin, although it suits any skin type and is an excellent tonic for the scalp. During the times of disharmony, sage is balancing and comforting. Energetically, sage is uplifting yet grounding, providing a stable base.

Pure distillate from distilling fresh common sage herbs in the spring-water vapour.

INCI: Aqua, Salvia Officinalis

Made in Estonia.

 Apply the face tonic on the cotton pad and gently wipe your skin or mist it directly on your skin. It is suitable for pampering your skin and senses during the day!

Use within 6 months after opening.

Keep protected from direct sunlight.

Glass jar, 50ml.

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