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The world’s first reusable thermo cup made from used coffee cups. Each Circular&Co coffee cup is made of 6 disposable paper cups that would not have otherwise been recycled.

Used disposable cups are collected, cleaned, ground and mixed with recycled polymer (plastic cup lids). 50% disposable paper cups + 50% plastic cup lids provide a strong substance that is used for producing a Circular&Co coffee cup.

Before Circular&Co coffee cup came to the market, only one paper cup out of four hundred was recycled. This was so because a thin layer of plastic inside paper cups, which prevented wetting, became an obstacle. However, all the material of a paper cup is needed for the production of a Circular&Co coffee cup to create a new strong and reusable material.

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Lisa soovinimekirja
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Product Description

Reusable thermo cups, which are convenient and practical for drinking hot and cold drinks on the way. It does not leak, keeps the drink hot and is easy to open with one hand. You can drink from any edge of the cup.

The thermos layer is made of used disposable paper cups.

  • 100% leakproof. You can carry Circular&Co coffee cup with you and forget it in the bottom of the bag without worrying about it.
  • Thermal effect – it keeps drinks hot for up to 90 minutes as well as cold.
  • The lid opens comfortably for drinking in one move. One push to open and one to close.
  • A 360-degree opening for drinking, just like a regular cup has. Carefree and comfortable.
  • Preserves and passes on the aroma of the drink, which is part of the perfect pleasure.
  • 100% recyclable.
  • Lasts 10+ years.

The Circular &Co thermo cup fits in a car’s cup holder and under most coffee machines.

In case of special orders (quantities starting from 30 pcs) it is possible to order a logo or graphics printing on the cup. To get a more specific offer, please write at

227 ml
Height with the lid: 13,3 cm
Height without the lid: 11 cm
Bottom diameter: 6,4 cm
Lid diameter: 8,4 cm

The thermos layer of the cup (about 40% of the cup) is made of recycled paper cups, the rest of the BPA-free plastic used for foodstuff.

Made in the U.K.

A Circular&Co coffee cup is open when the push button is in the lower position and closed when the button is in the upper position.

To avoid dripping, do not fill the coffee cup over the maximum recommended line (on the inside of the cup).

Circular&Co coffee cups have a leak resistance guarantee only if the seals and pushing mechanism are clean. It is recommended to maintain the cup regularly after each use. It can be washed in a dishwasher, preferably on the top grate. If necessary, the push button can be removed for cleaning. See the instruction video below.

Paper cover

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