Croll & Denecke loofah peeling pads for face 5 pcs


Natural loofah pads are an excellent choice for peeling facial skin and giving it a massage.

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Lisa soovinimekirja
Lisa soovinimekirja

Product Description

Loofah is a completely natural material obtained from the ripe content of a sponge gourd. Porous loofah effectively peels the skin and helps to achieve a healthy complexion.

The set includes 5 pads.

diameter 6 cm, expands when wet

loofah, cotton cord

Made in China.

Face pads made of loofah or sponge gourd are rather strong against the skin and they are suitable for taking care of facial skin. Facial massage and peeling help the skin to renew and give a healthy complexion, and it is the best to use products from natural materials for that.

The pads are compostable at the end of their usage life.

Tied with cotton cord.

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