Croll & Denecke loofah sponge


A natural loofah sponge that can be used for body care, cleaning and dishwashing.

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Lisa soovinimekirja
Lisa soovinimekirja

Product Description

Loofah is a sponge gourd that is fluffy, soft and has a gentle scrubbing effect when wet. Loofah sponge creates a lot of foam and it is gentle with all materials and surfaces. A loofah sponge gives a pleasant massaging and peeling effect when washing your body with it.

length 10 cm, diameter 6 cm (expands when wet)

100% loofah

From China.

It can be used as you wish either for washing dishes, cleaning surfaces or for washing and peeling the body. It lasts much longer than a regular sponge and it is compostable at the end of the usage period.

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