Croll & Denecke plastic-free toothbrush holder


A completely plastic-free toothbrush holder, which is compostable.

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Lisa soovinimekirja
Lisa soovinimekirja

Product Description

This toothbrush holder is made of wood-based bioplastics, which is 100% natural, it is heated and given a suitable shape. It is convenient to keep toothbrushes in this toothbrush holder at home, on a trip, in a summer house and on a hike. It can also be used as a water cup, which is especially convenient for children.

Benefits of a plastic-free toothbrush holder

  • Decomposes and composts 100% at the end of its lifespan
  • It can also be burned
  • A novel and environmentally friendly solution
  • Smells slightly and pleasantly for wood
  • Lighter than an analogous plastic product
  • Waterproof and strong
  • A practical minimalist design

height 9 cm, diameter 7 cm

liquid wood (100% natural materials: lignin (30%), cellulose (60%), spruce wood and hemp fibers)

Made in Germany.

Fully compostable at the end of its lifespan.

Sold package free.

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