Croll & Denecke square pumice stone with a string


Genuine volcanic pumice stone for foot care. Pumice stone can be conveniently hung with the string.

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Lisa soovinimekirja
Lisa soovinimekirja

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Pumice stone is a practical part of pedicure and it helps take care of the skin of the heels in particular. With the help of pumice stone, it is easy to rub off thickened skin both on the ball of the feet and on the heels.

Natural volcanic pumice stone originates from acidic or silicon-rich magma during the explosive volcanic eruptions. The gases emitted from magma during the explosion give the pumice stone a characteristic structure with airy spaces and a light weight.

15 x 5 cm

pumice, cotton

Made in China.

Moisten your feet and the pumice stone in warm water and rub the places that need care until achieving the suitable result. Rinse the pumice stone and let it dry.

Sold package free.

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