Naude PET paw and nose balm 30 ml


PET paw and nose balm moisturises, protects and softens paws and nose, soothes skin cracks.

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Product description

PET paw and nose balm provides the ultimate soothing and protection for your dog’s paws, nose, and wrinkles. Walk your furry friend on winter ice, sandy beaches, or hard pavement without hurting their sensitive paw pads.  
Paw balm protects your dog’s paws in even the most extreme weather conditions. In winter it provides ultimate protection from salt burns and prevents the buildup of snow and ice on paws.   In summer on hot sand and asphalt it keeps pads from drying and cracking.
You can use it on dry nose and wrinkles too to prevent infections. The salve does not replace dog boots.

  • Blend of 100% pure natural and vegan oils, butters, waxes.
  • Soothes & protects in any season.
  • Treats chafed or cracked pads and paws.
  • Nourishes dry nose.
  • Safe & effective non-toxic formulation.
  • Easy to apply.


Shea butter, Avocado oil, Sunflower oil, Wheatgerm oil, Candelilla wax, Castor oil, Calendula flower extract, Vitamin-E.

External use only. Do not leave the balm anywhere your dog could eat it from the tin. Ingredients in this balm are considered safe for dogs although you should be aware of your dog’s individual sensitivities and allergies. Keep the balm dry and cool, below 25ºC.

To protect, apply on and between toe pads before outside walks. Light layer of balm on dry nose will nourish and moisturise. To treat damaged skin, wounds, scratches, rashes, calluses, dog acne, apply sparingly before bedtime and try to avoid licking right after applying the balm – it’s best to use cone collar to prevent licking. When using on paws indoors you might want your dog to wear a pair of socks as the balm can leave greasy stains. Remember, less is more!

Packaged in a metal tin.


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