Elamise Kergus OÜ imports only the best quality brands that we ourselves and our customers love.

If you would like these excellent products to be represented in your (online) store, please write to us at info@elamisekergus.ee.

Three Hills Soap

Pure handmade natural cosmetics from Ireland. Wonderful solid shampoos, soaps prepared in a cold process method, lip balms, cream deodorants and bath products. The best solid shampoos and conditioner offered in Estonia!


Innovative 3-1 reusable silicone sheet, which replaces foil, baking paper and food film. Reusable and lasts for years. Can be used both in the oven and in the refrigerator. Ideal for all baking trays and tins as it is very thin and easy to shape.


Ecoegg is a revolution in doing the laundry – one reusable egg that lasts at least 10+ years, and two kinds of mineral and completely natural granules that wash the laundry without soap and similar detergents. Ecoegg is convenient to use, it does not need dosing, it lasts 70 washes, and only then it must be filled with refill pellets. In addition to the laundry egg, the product range includes cleaning tablets for the washing machine and bamboo reusable kitchen paper.


Sustainable lifestyle, household and hygienic products made of bamboo and stainless steel.